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We've changed the game significantly, and are now play-testing it actively.
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The augmented reality video game that brings people together
to play in a new way of board game fun.

  • CARTONEROS® is a tactical strategy game. Players clean the environment together and compete over who collects the most cardboard.
  • Players control groups of waste pickers, otherwise known as Cartoneros. Your primary goal is to collect cardboard.
  • In a game you need to explore the map, evaluate the situation and give simple commands to your characters.
  • Between games, you spend your cardboard to rebuild your team and equip characters with weapons & items.
  • If you lost many Cartoneros in combat, to play the next game you'll have to spend a lot of cardboard to build new ones.
  • You need to be efficient and collect more than you spend. Only then you'll rise in the leaderboards and be the real winner.
  • The game world is built out of cardboard. The cardboard you collect is trash that careless people of this world threw away.
  • Cartoneros understand the value of recycling. You drive the recovery of the environment and the society - and SAVE THE WORLD.
What is boARd™?
  • boARd is a paper map. It's an augmented reality marker you can use to play the game on mobile devices.
  • The game boARd is made out of square tiles that you fold out to form the play area.
  • You run the game on your mobile device and navigate the view moving your device in your hands around the boARd.
  • boARd gives you super intuitive motion controls that young children understand even better than touch controls.
  • The most unique thing about boARd is that it gives you a large space, that multiple players can use together.
  • You, your friends & family gather around the boARd and play a video game just like a traditional board game. You interact face-to-face.
  • With a boARd you can escape the isolation that came with online games & bring your friends and family together (using video games).
  • Cartoneros is about recovering the environment and the society in the game, but with boARd it's also about recovering our own community - let's bring back LOCAL MULTIPLAYER.

We want to include you in the development, so this idea is reflected in how we make the game!