Cartoneros® official page


Game Overview
  • CARTONEROS is a tactical strategy game. Each player controls a crew of characters. In a game players use characters to collect cardboard from the map & between games use the cardboard to upgrade the characters.
  • Players need to be efficient to rise in the leaderboards and win.
Cardboard World
  • The game takes place in a world built out of cardboard. In the real world, cardboard is really easy to work with & everybody can use it to make their own stuff.
  • Players will also have the power to shape the game world, by building maps, characters, weapons, monsters and even robots.
Tactical Strategy
  • The game allows players to control a group of several characters in real time. Each player creates tactics to cut off other players from cardboard, by clever positioning of multiple characters around the map.
  • Characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. Players need to think of best ways to combine skills of individual characters to reach goals.
  • Simply put, the game is like DOTA crossed with XCOM.
Game Structure
  • The game fits 1-8 players. Players can organize themselves into any number of teams and change the feel of the game. For example, by placing all players on one team, the game becomes like an RPG with players moving and fighting monsters together.
  • Games can be organized into play sessions that last more than one game, giving players opportunity to spread strategy over several games.
Map Editor & Generator
  • The game has no fixed story and levels. It is built around a map editor and generator that allow players to create their own worlds. You create quests by adding objectives, maps by placing structures and stories by linking maps.
  • Players can easily create a map before each game, by placing some key structures onto the map together and letting the generator fill the rest.
  • This is what traditional RPG game-masters or miniature wargame players do before they start to play, but it's a lot easier.
Character & Item Builder
  • The game contains a lot of customizable characters and items. Players unlock & equip them between games by spending cardboard. Items such as weapons, tools, shields or robots make characters stronger or more suitable for some tactics.
  • Players need to be careful, as characters and their equipment, are lost when they are destroyed in a game.
  • The game has three sorts of monsters who roam the environment and eat up cardboard. Players mostly encounter small animals that run away & large beasts that pursue and attack. But every now and then giant monsters hit the map that players need to join forces to defeat.
  • Each monster has special abilities that can be acquired by characters for a limited time by destroying the monster.
boARd 3D® Interaction
  • The game can be played with a modular boARd of 16 square tiles. Each tile is 10x10" (25x25 cm) and the maximum size of this boARd is 40x40" (1x1 m). The tiles can be removed to form various shapes and can even be split into multiple smaller boARds.
  • We also want players to be able to play Cartoneros in public places fitted with boARds, where you can come and play together.